Weird knocking or squeaking noise? Strange error light flashing?
There is nothing we know better than Factory Service/Maintenance/Repair for your vehicle.

We take pride in getting you back on the road safely!

Specializing in S65 & S85 Rod bearing replacement

Factory Maintenance/Repair services we offer but not limited to:
Manufacturer’s 30k, 60k, 90k, 100k service
Lube/Filter Change, Brake Flush, Coolant Flush
Diagnostic Services
Computer/Electrial Diagnostics
Full Brake System Repairs (rotors/pads/calipers/drums/lines replacement)
Chassis mechanical/Electrical
Cooling systems (radiator/hoses/thermostat/waterpump replacement)
Engine Repairs/rebuilds/swaps
Ignition System repairs
Fuel System repairs
Exhaust system repairs
Suspension repairs (springs/struts/shocks/air bags)
Transmission repairs (Manual and Automatic)

S65, S85 Rod bearing replacement
Intake valve cleaning via Walnut Blasting

Aftermarket installs for your:
Engine, Drivetrain, Suspension, Brakes, Exterior, Interior